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Is 2017 Turning into the Year of the Slogan for the T-Shirt Industry?

Slogans.  Everywhere!  Always popular, but wow, this year really seems to have been the year of the t-shirt slogan so far here, and looking at other popular t shirt websites, it seems maybe not just for us either. 

Slogans on T-Shirts and hoodies have been hugely popular for decades, so just what is the magic formula that takes them from being plain good slogans to being great? Some of the most cool slogan t shirts can often be the simplest.  In fact, just this afternoon I saw someone wearing one that I’d not seen before, it simply said “you read my t-shirt” – awesome stuff, whoever thought of that one!  Indeed, one of my personal favourites just says "Meh".

So what is a Slogan?

  1. 1.
    a short and striking or memorable phrase.
I'd say that just about says it all really - short and striking.  They could be advertising slogans, a slogan for world peace or slogans against war, pro LGBT slogans, irish slogans, or 60th birthday slogans, absolutely anything really!

So, if 2017 really is being hailed as the year of the T-shirt Slogan, what makes a Great T-shirt Slogan?

How to write a Cool T-Shirt Slogan that sells and sells!

Coming up with cool slogans that get attention and sell well is hard, really hard. It helps if you do your research and being naturally creative can go a long way in the process. However if you find coming up with funny slogan t shirts tough, then these slogan generators listed below may help you:

These free slogan makers can help get your creative juices flowing and help you refine the message you want to place on your apparel. Give them a try!

Here are some of my top tips to creating a fantastically popular tshirt slogan:

1. Make it Snappy 
People don’t like to stare for long, so keeping it short and snappy is a great starting point.  Some of the really cool slogan T-Shirts can even just be one or two words.  Yes, there's still a place for longer slogans, in most cases you can still scan them quickly and get the gist within a few seconds.  Popular Women's slogan t shirts tend to be short and snappy on the whole.  Men's slogan t shirts can often be a bit longer, geekier, or more complex.

2. Be on Trend
Political Satire, or a T-Shirt that captures the feeling of a moment can rocket to the top of the pops very quickly, especially if multiplied by the next step.  Look at current events and ongoing changes in the public's perception where people will want to promote and show their support - t-shirts slogans against gender discrimination, anti-bullying, world peace or pro LGBT issues are all current ones that come to mind.  Some great examples of this coincide to a major national or international event, perhaps sports, or politics for example 

3. Exposure 
Celebrity or otherwise – Never a bad thing, once a Celebrity dons the Tee, there’s no knowing where its exposure could end. Particularly if the tshirt ends up starring in an iconic music video, the type that gets screentime for many years to come, this exposure can power the steady sales of that shirt, and in-turn, website traffic for a very long time! 

4. Humor or Shock
To get a reaction, which, let’s face it, is why you are wearing a funny slogan t-shirt, it needs to incite laughter, or shock.  Humor is a winner every time.  Be careful not to go too far though and really offend people unless you really mean to, there have been cases of people being arrested for what it says on the front of their t-shirt!

Bring people together and make them feel connected – sometimes this can mean the slogan has a secret meaning, or you feel like you are part of an exclusive club of people that know what it means by wearing it.

6. Crossover of pop culture ideas
Mashup Parodies can be great conversation starters as they can double/triple the market for the slogan, and often people are into a wide range of interests.

7. Cool Factor
As ever, wearing this design must, in general, make the wearer feel cool.  Those slogan tees with a high cool factor will generally be the best sellers.  Obviously, you can’t bottle “cool”, but if you could, then T-Shirt design would be easy!

8. To Graphic or not too Graphic 
That is the question! – Some T-Shirt slogan designs stand very well on their own two feet, however, it can often be great to enhance with an illustration or image.  I personally quite like the current trend of pictograms, as they make you double take nicely sometimes and the reveal is therefore a little delayed..





So, if we multiply this formula together, where does it get us?  What are some of the best slogan tees of all time?  This one perhaps? 

Or How about this one?

Think you know of a better famous slogan or any great slogan ideas we've not seen yet?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

How to Trademark a slogan

Once you've come up with the perfect slogan, you may want to protect it.  This is fairly simply done.  Firstly in the UK and EU, you can apply directly through the IPO and if you want to add the US to this, then a quick trip over to the USPTO will do the trick and another online form and payment.  Your application will be looked over by a representative to ensure that is within guidelines and will inform you if not.  There is then a consultation stage, where people or companies will get to object to anything they feel may encroach upon their intellectual property and object.  You can appeal of course.  If you make it through all that, then you are awarded your Trademark.  In my experience, you will then get bombarded with spam letters from random Eastern European companies asking you for bogus renewal or registration fees.  Ignore them all! and you're done.

Still with me? - this is a bit of a grin - Find out your perfect t shirt slogans with this awesome online tshirt slogans quiz!

Please comment below with some of your favourite examples of good slogans or come up with something new!  We always love to hear people's comments and suggestions, please don't be shy!

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