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About us

Well hello there Mr. Fancy-pants! Tim and Ted here, the founders of 
Tim and Ted winning the highly coveted "Kings of Ping" doubles title in Bristol...
Us at the height of our pong career, winning the coveted "Kings of Ping" doubles title in Bristol!
A little bit about us and how all this began.  We first met at College in the Cotswolds in the late 90’s.  Later, both having moved to Bristol, we once again joined forces through a love of music production and table tennis, amongst other things.   In early 2004, we “accidentally” set up a successful ebay store selling electronics, which very quickly snowballed...
We’ve always had a keen interest in T-Shirt design, and during the natural evolution of our online store, we were able to research and purchase the best, modern printing equipment to start producing our own garments. This quickly became our first love and things have developed from there ever since…
Many years on, and our full-time family now consists of a team of around 20 wonderful people (loads more at Xmas!).  We design, print and ship, all from our base in Bristol, UK – We have an awesome team here, who are proud to help us produce quality clothing, with a genuine focus on customer satisfaction, always building on our many years of experience in online customer service.
Us at the first ever Mr. Whompy Gig at Brisfest 2014
During our journey together, somewhere along the line we decided to convert a 1970s Bedford Ice cream van into a Sound System stage, "Mr Whompy" that to this day can still be seen at many festivals and events throughout the UK..
Tim can now be also be found as part of a unique, wildlife based camping and glamping experience in Cornwall,
Any and all comments, questions and feedback always gratefully received, you make us what we are!  We particularly love it when you send in pictures you have taken with our products, and love to post them where possible! If you really amuse us, we’ll even send you some freebies, how about that!
We love what we do and we hope you do too - It's always the most important thing to all of us here that all our customers are 100% happy with our products and services and want to tell their friends. 
Shirtbox - Love it.  Wear it.
Tim & Ted X
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