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    How can I become a T-shirt designer and sell my T-Shirt designs online?

    We’re always on the look out for new designs. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional designer or if you just have a funny, cool or original idea or design with you can make some money!

    It’s simple…

    Email us your original idea.

    If we like it we will create it and list it on our website for sale.

    When it makes a sale we pay you a commission fee!

    So if you have an idea just click here to email us. We look at each and every submission.

    However, we can’t use every tee design we get sent, only the really great stuff. If we do use your design we will contact you within 2 weeks to arrange the finer details…

    If at first you don’t succeed try and try again – there’s no limit to the amount of times you can submit your ideas!

    How can I get paid for my designs?

    If we like your submission we will email you a simple contract to fill out and send back to us before we set up your t-shirt design.  It’s a standard contract it covers us both. Once you have returned the contract we will implement the design process.

    We’ll also promote your designs on our third party channels such as Amazon and eBay, so your design gets the maximum visibility possible.

    At the end of each month we count up how many items with your idea we have sold and pay you for each one.

    We pay you £1 for each item of clothing sold.

    We will make payments once a month to you via PayPal.

    How many will I sell and how much can I get paid?

    It’s not possible to know exactly which t-shirts will sell well, but to help it along it’s a good idea to promote your designs to friends and family and use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and any Blogs or forums you use.  The more you do to promote it the more likely you are to increase your sales and get a nice big pay cheque every month!

    We have some t-shirt designs we have been selling regularly for years so this can really become a second income for you as a part time (or even full-time) T-shirt designer.

    Send us your ideas now!

    ★ Shirtbox Reviews

    Let customers speak for us

    789 reviews
    Bought as gift

    Good quality material and keeps shape after washing. Ordered XL but wasn't big enough so had to return and order XXL. Very happy with the purchase.

    Very disappointed

    I ordered a cushion cover and got a pillowcase. The quality of the cotton waa poor and the pillowcase looked like it had been screwed up in a corner. It was supposed to have been a present for a friend who had been diagnosed with cancer but I changed my mind as I felt it would have been an insult to give her something so tatty.

    Best Husband Ever Jumper

    My husband loved the jumper and it is very good quality
    The down side was that I paid for express delivery as it said that this method would guarantee delivery before Christmas as it was a present but unfortunately it didn’t arrive until the 28th December

    Late delivery

    I paid extra for special delivery so that it arrived in time for Christmas.
    It was delivered after Christmas!